How To Get Rid Of Bees?

While honey bees are a crucial part of our ecosystem, no homeowner wants these creatures buzzing around their homes. If you wonder how to get rid of bees from my property, you have come to the right place. Keep on reading the article to know how to get rid of honey bees from your backyard.

The first step is to identify which type of bee you are dealing with. Bees that are seen around homes are most often bumble, carpenter, or honey bees. Carpenter and bumble bees are quite similar in appearance, and most people will mistake these two creatures for each other. In fact, knowing how to eliminate carpenter bees is not the same as getting rid of bumble bees. Bumble bees are between 0.5 to 1-inch long and have three yellow stripes along their bodies. These creatures are black behind their wings. They have fuzzy hairs to pick up and carry pollen to their hives. Bumble bees are most often found in fields, parks, and woods. Bumble bees build their hives at ground level. They are usually found in holes abandoned by small rodents. People are not able to eat the honey produced by bumble bees.

Carpenter bees are part of the Xylocopa genus. They are commonly referred to as wood bees. These bees are also 0.5 to 1 inch long and have yellow stripes on their bodies. The top side of their abdomen is shiny black, and they are not buzzy like bumble bees. The bee has a black dot on the top of its thorax. Carpenter bees are not social but solitary bees. You will find these bees around parks, fields, and gardens. The carpenter bee will burrow into wood surfaces to build galleries instead of hives. Most of these creatures are seen near homes & wood structures in the spring and summer seasons.

Apis mellifera or honey bees are commonly found near homes where beekeepers cultivate hives for honey production purposes. These bees are much smaller than carpenter and bumble bees but are black and yellow. The adult honey bee ranges from one-half to five-eighths of an inch. These bees are social creatures, and their hives are usually organized by a caste system that includes worker bees, drones, and the queen bee. Bee hives are usually located logs, hollowed-out trees, or fence posts in the garden.

If you spot any of these types of bees in your garden, it is time to get rid of bees immediately. Bees can be dangerous when they are too close to your home – especially if you have kids. Bee removal is not the best DIY project that an inexperienced homeowner should undertake. It requires extensive experience and special skills to remove bees from your property. The best way to remove bees from your property is to hire a professional bee removal service that practice humane bee removal. They have the necessary experience and specialized tools to get rid of bees from your property and protect your loved ones.

Professional Pest Control For Bees

Bees are essential creatures for the ecosystem since they play an important role in pollination. But bees can also be notorious pests when they pose a threat to you and your loved ones. When bees become a nuisance in your home or garden, it is time to get rid of these creatures in a humane manner. DIY bee removal isn’t the best way to get rid of these creatures. You are getting involved in a DIY project that can be fatal to your health and well-being in the long run. That is why you need to rely on professional pest control for bees when you have a bee infestation in your home or backyard. This article provides information on what you should consider when you have a bee infestation on your property.

Bee stings can result in harmful allergic reactions or damage your property in the long run. Yellow jackets and carpenter bees have a nasty habit of expanding their nest through walls and breaking their way into your home. On the other hand, carpenter bees feed on wood and could damage wooden structures in your home – causing hundreds of dollars in repairs. That is why you need to get rid of these creatures as soon as you spot a honey bee, carpenter bee, yellow jacket, or bumble bee in your home or garden.

The old adage “the right tool for the right job” is quite appropriate when it comes to bee removal from your home or garden. Most bee removal services harm the insects while trying to get rid of them from your property. This isn’t the best way to get rid of honey bees that play an important part in protecting the ecosystem. The best way to get rid of bees is to work with a service provider that applies humane methods to catch the bees alive and relocate them to an apiary or bee farm that cares for the insects. Bees need to be protected by all means since they are the #1 pollinators on the planet today.

With hundreds of pest control services for bees operating in the area, choosing the best service provider isn’t easy. Your extensive research plays a crucial role in selecting the best bee removal service in town. Here are some of the most important questions to ask a bee removal service before opting for the best candidate to get rid of bees from your property.

. What if I have more than bees?
. Do you harm the bees?
. What if the bees return after removal?
. How long have you been in business?
. Do you relocate bees and care for them?
. What is your charge?
. Are you licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board?
. Will you be performing the job or do you hire subcontractors for the project?

Once you get the right answers to these questions, you should compare the quality of service and prices of different service providers before hiring the best bee removal service for the job. The aforementioned article provides information on why need professional pest control for bees.

How to Get Rid of Africanized Killer Bees

Africanized killer bees are a cross between bees from Africa and European honey bees. The sting of the Africanized killer bees hurts and can be lethal. In fact, they can kill large animals and people. They can chase people for up to 400 meters. It is, therefore, crucial to get rid of the killer bees on your property.

Here is how to get rid of Africanized killer bees:

Use Pesticide Sprays

Africanized bees are very dangerous. If you disturb them, they can cause more issues on your property. They can attack your family and your pets. In some cases, you may need to kill them before getting rid of them.

If you are afraid to safely remove them without killing them, you can use pesticide sprays to kill them.

Pesticide sprays can kill these bees. However, you will need to wear protective gear when spraying the pesticide sprays on the hive. The protective gear protects you from both the killer bees and the intense insecticide spray. Spray directly on the beehive to kill the bees. Killing the bees can make it easy to remove them.

Use Soap and Water

If you want to get rid of the killer bees naturally, you can use soap and water to get rid of the bees. Once you provoke the killer bees, they can attack you. Therefore, you can use a thick cloth to cover your whole body. The thick cloth protects you from getting stung. If you get stung multiple times, it can prove fatal.

Mix a solution of soap and water thoroughly. Then, pour the soap solution into a plastic spray bottle. And spray the solution on the bees inside the beehive. The soap sticks to the bees and drowns them.

It is much better to use the soap solution since it does not damage the environment. Once the soapy solution drowns all the bees, remove the bees and remove their hive completely.

Call a Professional Removal Service

It is not safe to remove killer bees on your own. If you provoke the killer bees, they can attack you. Therefore, they can make it difficult to remove them. Calling a professional removal service increases the chances of getting rid of all the killer bees on your property.

Professionals can easily identify killer bees. Once they identify them, they use effective methods to get rid of them. You do not have to do anything. You can leave the professionals to remove the bees and the hive. Once they completely remove the bees, you will never have to worry about this problem again.

In addition, if you do not want to kill the Africanized killer bees, you can talk to the professional removal service. They do not have the kill the bees. They can move the beehive without killing the bees. If the beehive is moved, the bees will not return to your home.


Africanized killer bees are very dangerous. Once you notice there are killer bees on your property, you will need to get rid of them immediately. It is, however, much better to call professionals to get rid of the killer bees. The professionals can protect you, your family, and your pets from getting stung.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Bee Hive Removal Services.

Bee hive removal services deal with physically extracting and transferring beehives to a safer location. Bee hives can be unappealing and lessen the value of a property and can also pose danger to humans and pets especially when it is near your house. These are the major reasons why it may be a good idea to remove them. The professional removal of a beehive is effective as it transfers an entire colony of bees and this is good considering the fact that bees live within a colony.

Bee hive removal should be done by a professional as they know how to remove bee hives safely and effectively. Keep in mind that removing it all by yourself can be risky and ineffective. There are many benefits of hiring bee removal services.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Bee Hive Removal Services

  1. Professionals Know How and When to Remove Bee Hives
    Professionals who deal with bee hive removal have the expertise and experience to deal with beehives and can do a better job than laymen. They have learned about the behavior of bees and know the right way and the right time to do beehive removal.
  2. Professionals Know How To Do Bee Hive Removal Safely
    Professionals who offer bee hive removal services have the protective equipment to help them do beehive removal safely. If you choose to do beehive removal all by yourself, you may spend more money as you will have to buy protective equipment.

Remember that doing bee hive removal without protective equipment can be risky as the equipment can keep you safe from potential bee stings. Remember that there can be thousands of bees living in a beehive and removing a hive all by yourself can be dangerous to you and your family.

Apart from being safe for human beings and pets, professional bee hive removal is also safe for bees. This is because the bees will be transferred humanely. The professionals have the equipment to transfer a beehive without harm. Besides no insecticides are used during the beehive removal process and this makes professional bee hive removal environmentally friendly.

  1. Professionals Know How to Handle Aggressive Bees
    A beehive usually has a queen who is protected by other bees. Therefore, if you decide to remove a beehive, the other bees will fight with you. One of the best things about hiring professionals who do bee hive removal is the fact that they know how to keep bees docile and manage them when they become aggressive.
  2. Professionals Know How to Do Bee Hive Removal Quickly
    Professionals have the experience to handle beehives and can transfer a beehive within the shortest time possible. However, it may be time-consuming to move a hive all by yourself. When you hire professional beehive services, your home will be free from bees within a short time.

As you can see, there are many benefits of hiring professional bee hive removal services whenever you want a beehive removed from your property. So, if you want to remove a beehive from your home, ensure that you hire a reputable bee hive removal service provider to get rid of the bees in the best way possible.