How to Get Rid of Africanized Killer Bees

Africanized killer bees are a cross between bees from Africa and European honey bees. The sting of the Africanized killer bees hurts and can be lethal. In fact, they can kill large animals and people. They can chase people for up to 400 meters. It is, therefore, crucial to get rid of the killer bees on your property.

Here is how to get rid of Africanized killer bees:

Use Pesticide Sprays

Africanized bees are very dangerous. If you disturb them, they can cause more issues on your property. They can attack your family and your pets. In some cases, you may need to kill them before getting rid of them.

If you are afraid to safely remove them without killing them, you can use pesticide sprays to kill them.

Pesticide sprays can kill these bees. However, you will need to wear protective gear when spraying the pesticide sprays on the hive. The protective gear protects you from both the killer bees and the intense insecticide spray. Spray directly on the beehive to kill the bees. Killing the bees can make it easy to remove them.

Use Soap and Water

If you want to get rid of the killer bees naturally, you can use soap and water to get rid of the bees. Once you provoke the killer bees, they can attack you. Therefore, you can use a thick cloth to cover your whole body. The thick cloth protects you from getting stung. If you get stung multiple times, it can prove fatal.

Mix a solution of soap and water thoroughly. Then, pour the soap solution into a plastic spray bottle. And spray the solution on the bees inside the beehive. The soap sticks to the bees and drowns them.

It is much better to use the soap solution since it does not damage the environment. Once the soapy solution drowns all the bees, remove the bees and remove their hive completely.

Call a Professional Removal Service

It is not safe to remove killer bees on your own. If you provoke the killer bees, they can attack you. Therefore, they can make it difficult to remove them. Calling a professional removal service increases the chances of getting rid of all the killer bees on your property.

Professionals can easily identify killer bees. Once they identify them, they use effective methods to get rid of them. You do not have to do anything. You can leave the professionals to remove the bees and the hive. Once they completely remove the bees, you will never have to worry about this problem again.

In addition, if you do not want to kill the Africanized killer bees, you can talk to the professional removal service. They do not have the kill the bees. They can move the beehive without killing the bees. If the beehive is moved, the bees will not return to your home.


Africanized killer bees are very dangerous. Once you notice there are killer bees on your property, you will need to get rid of them immediately. It is, however, much better to call professionals to get rid of the killer bees. The professionals can protect you, your family, and your pets from getting stung.